Our process of selecting wines

① To visit the wineries and taste wines
② To understand the winery’s policy
③ To make sure that the production volume is not excessive
④ To understand the producer's thoughts from the naming and label design

Grand Cru Wine Company Tokyo which operates BOSQUET, was founded in Tokyo in 2017 as a wine importer. With the motto "From winery to dining table", we are consistently engaged in wine business with the responsibility from production areas, shipping, wine cellars, and domestic logistics.


① ワイナリーを訪れ、ワインを試飲する
② ワイナリーの方針を理解する
③ 生産量が過剰でないこと確認する
④ ネーミングやラベルデザインからも生産者の思想を理解する


The Birth of BOSQUET

Grand Cru Wine Company Tokyo is particular about importing wines from wineries to us directly. While importing wines and selling it to hotels and restaurants, we have also been organizing a membership wine club "The Concorde Wine Club" to propose a "Rich lifestyle through wine" like in Europe. And in 2022, BOSQUET was born. BOSQUET means "forest" in French. The location is surrounded by a small forest in Harajuku in the middle of the city. The reason for opening Bosque is to create a place where the wines we choose can be widely known to a large number of people. You can taste it and buy the wine you like on the spot. Wine makes people smile. That's why we spend a lot of time finding good wines.



The things BOSQUET can do

But also seriously consider the "trade-offs" that result from consuming wine. While making people happy, wine uses many natural resources such as the use of large amounts of water resources, the use of pesticides, the logging of wood to make barrels, and the emitted carbon dioxide.
We consider that it is necessary not only to sell wine, but also to convey the existence of wine correctly. BOSQUET will donate a part of the profits from wine sales to the "green donation". We believe that consuming wine at BOSQUET will support activities to restore the forest.


しかし、ワインを消費することで生じる「トレードオフ」についても真剣に考えることです。 ワインは人を幸せにする一方で、大量の水資源の活用、農薬の使用、樽(バレル)を作るための木材の伐採、排出される二酸化炭素など、多くの天然資源を使っています。

~Manager of BOSQUET~

Kohei YAMANO, I am the store manager of Wine & Grocery BOSQUET

I LOVE WINES, whisky (especially Islay), and traveling.

I graduated from the hospitality management school in Switzerland, and worked in 5-star hotel in Switzerland and Japan. Until the COVID-19 is prevalent in Europe, I worked as a restaurant manager in Nice, France. And I visited 37 countries so far to experience food and culture in different countries.

I am fluent in English and French, so that please ask anything about our wines in those languages, but please don’t ask me to write because I am really bad at it. Mdr I am looking forward to seeing all of you at BOSQUET.


 私はワイン、ウイスキー(特にアイラ島)、そして旅行が大好きです。私はスイスのホスピタリティマネジメントスクールを卒業し、スイスと日本の5つ星ホテルで働きました。 COVID-19がヨーロッパで流行するまで、私はフランス・ニースでレストランマネージャーとして働いていました。





一流フランス人ソムリエの Kevin Lemonnier さんとともに気軽に楽しめる、フランスの習慣“アペロ”を、美味しいワインを飲みながらおいしく楽しく体験していただきます。